It all began one night under the stars.

Sitting on our porch, accompanied by a soft evening breeze, we heard the call. It was time to change our lives. We knew that our love for the Eastern Shore would be a part of it.  

We have often imagined our ancestors looking up at the moon or a sweeping calm water view, and feeling the same peace and wonder that we feel today. The history of this magical place runs deep. We understand the connection to water, land and the history of our great nation. Our independence was won, our nation was born, on and near our beloved Chesapeake Bay. 

Moments experienced in this place continue to awe and inspire us. We want to share it with you in a way that brings joy, peace and connection — which is why we created the Eastern Shore Candle Company.

Candles bring joy through celebration of family and friends, a memory brought to light by a familiar scent, or a serene setting where we can find peace and inspiration for life.  Every candle has a story. 

Welcome aboard!

Molly the Maltipoo

Molly is our constant companion exploring the Eastern Shore by land or by boat and can often be found in the candle studio!